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Our Correspondent/ Emirates Business

Since 1885, Saint Honore has been synonym to the famous ‘Paris style’ by manufacturing collections of unmatched creations.
Throughout the world, its elegant style and watch-making expertise attract lovers of contemporary design. Offering all the assurance of Swiss Made quality, its timepieces have a unique character and are crafted in the finest materials with eye-catching details.
World-renowned as the creator of trendy watches, accessories and fine jewellery lines that are replete with characteristically elegant Swiss precision combined with fabled French flair, Saint Honore’s creations have made their mark in the discerning Middle East market.
The brand’s creations are currently available at over 120 exclusive points of sale across the region.
Saint Honore offers watches, jewellery and accessories that continue to fulfill the desires of the day. At its two manufacturing sites, Saint Honore brilliantly combines craftsmanship and a passion that remains as fresh as ever.
To mark its 130th anniversary, Saint Honore designed a collector’s timepiece, the first ever to be made from a piece of metal girder from the world’s most famous monument.
“Mounted on an elegant brown ‘croco design’ leather strap, the ‘Tour Eiffel’ timepiece has been manufactured in a limited series of 1,885 pieces in steel (in homage to the year the watchmaking house of Saint Honore was established), offering a unique opportunity to wear on your wrist an exceptional symbol of France and the technological genius of Gustave Eiffel,” said Thierry Fresard, President of Saint Honore.
Saint Honore has used this precious component to make the bezel, its decoration and brown colour an unmistakable reference to the French monument.
The bezel surrounds a raised dial based on the same architecture, at its centre, it reveals the wheel train of the automatic mechanical movement specially personalised by Saint
With a strong emphasis on innovation, Saint Honore has created the ‘EclairTM’ finish, the rotating monogram, the panoramic glass and one of the first Tourbillon watches for women. These innovations feature on the leading timepieces in the collection — Opera, Orsay, Coloseo and Haussman. In 2015, Saint Honore celebrates its 130th anniversary with brio, and today is a rapidly-growing brand represented in more than 60 countries, recognised for its
distinctive style.
The brand has two production houses that utilise a century’s old traditions and expertise and blend them with modern design trends to create a contemporary collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning audiences worldwide. Saint Honore’s Tourbillon 1885 range has firmly established the brand’s credibility and technical virtuosity amongst the elite of watchmakers and created a fan following among connoisseurs.
“We are focussed on three different area; develop our domestics market, French market and Europe. Keeping our strong positioning in the Middle East increase our sales in Asia thanks to the opening of new markets in 2016,” he added.
“The Middle East market is still very important for our brand. We have strong partnerships with distributors in this area since a long time and at least it represents 30 percent of the total business of Saint Honore.”




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