Belgian jewellery firm looks to Thai hub for Asian expansion


Bangkok / DPA

Belgium-based diamond-jewellery maker Roos is eyeing Asia and North America as the next potential markets for its business, after successfully reaching a high level in Europe, especially Belgium and the Netherlands. Thailand would be a hub to support and facilitate the growth of Roos’ business in Asia.
“We started selling our Roos jewellery ornaments last week in China through Derier’s retail network with 80 stores in major cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Ningbo. We also started last week in Thailand as well with the appointment of Market Access Co Ltd as our master distributor covering Thailand and all of the Asia region,” said Rien Rozendaal, founder and designer for Roos & Nijs.
“We are from the original Dutch company and we didn’t find any necessity to expand further in my home market as well as in Europe as we are at the high level already. I believe in Asia as a promising region to grow our jewellery business.”
Rozendaal said starting to do business in China and Thailand arose from coincidences. In China for example, he was introduced by a Chinese friend in New York to the owner of Derier.
Rozendaal said his business approach was quite different from setting up business targets and growth.
“I like to design nice and beautiful jewellery. I have my target group in designing that is my wife, not for the market. I design jewellery for the one I love, and appreciate that many women love this design too,” he said.
Chanokphol Chaisuparakul, co-founder and director of Market Access, said Roos was not something people saw every day, because of its unique designs and long heritage of 181 years. The brand is also high-end jewellery that people can wear everyday. “
“In five years, we think Roos could be a brand for sophisticated people who seek perfection in luxury jewellery. We aim to expand in Southeast Asia starting from Thailand, especially in Bangkok and big cities such as Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket,” he said.
He added that in the first year, the company would open one flagship store for Roos jewellery as well as one dealership in Bangkok.
“We will start expanding Roos jewellery to some parts of CLMV next year,” said Chanokphol, referring to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. He added that the CLMV markets had a lot of potential, with people who are highly into
networking, are well educated and have high spending power, and are

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