Beam creative science schools receive prestigious accolade

Beam Creative Science Schools Receive Prestigious Promethean Award copy


Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam) has been recognised for its pursuit of academic
excellence through classroom technology and innovation after it was presented with a Promethean Centre of Excellence Award, thereby making two Beam schools the only ones in the Middle East to have attained the prestigious accolade.
Robert Speed, Promethean Head of Middle East Region said, “This award is a further validation of Beam’s 360-degree educational environment that is designed to connect technology to human ingenuity, teachers to their students and every participant to a whole new world of learning.”
Promethean is a global provider of interactive educational technology solutions that develop, integrate and implement groundbreaking learning environments, with the Award
that carries its name recognizing
quality teaching practices that use futuristic methods that facilitate
an enhanced experience for both tutor and pupil.
Commenting on the award received, Salah A Bukhatir, Chairman and CEO of the Beam Schools, stated, “Being a leader in the market as the only custodian of Promethean’s Centre of Excellence Award in the entire Middle East yet again is testimony of our scalable academic centre of excellence model.
“We look forward to replicating this model and acquiring this
prestigious status for our forthcoming new schools in Dubai and
Sharjah, which will be opening this September.”
Bukhatir continued, “The vision of Beam from the beginning has been to see our educational system expand its reach and benefits to the largest community possible.
“We’re happy to provide leadership on this subject to the wider educational sector.”
International School of Creative Science (ISCS) and American School of Creative Science (ASCS), operated by Beam, went through a stringent evaluation process undertaken by Promethean.
Despite the increase in award applications year-on-year as well, no other school in the region was able to satisfy all of Promethean’s exacting requirements.
Beam’s future plans involve building on its position as a leader in classroom technology.

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