Amusement industry can boost UAE tourism

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

The Emirates can transform into a world-class leisure and entertainment destination, if it takes a universal approach to exploring its unique geographical location, high quality attractions and investment in infrastructure, says PwC’s report — ‘UAE’s transformation into a world-class Leisure and Entertainment destination’.
Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of International Expo Consults (IEC) and organiser of the Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure (DEAL) show, believes hot weather conditions do not
affect MENA’s entertainment and amusement industry.
Falaknaz further told Emirates Business, “Theme park developers in the UAE are known to provide world-class solutions for the best amusement experience ever. Despite the hot climate, tourists can enjoy the state-of-the-art theme parks in the UAE with climate customisation. This feature also will help in boosting the already soaring UAE tourism scene, attracting people all over the globe to visit the region and enjoy its amusement attractions no matter what time of the year it is.”
The UAE has witnessed expansion in its tourism sector every year, 7.6 percent year-on-year growth in arrivals and 9.6 percent increase in tourism receipts. The factors leading to the growth are its convenient transportation system, strategic location, numerous numbers of luxurious and affordable hotels, and the region’s leisure and entertainment climate customization, reported Business Monitor International (BMI).
Theme parks being developed in the UAE are IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Parks and Resorts and Mall of the World, the world’s first temperature-controlled city, among other developments addressing the global demand for cutting-edge family and tourism destinations.
PwC revealed that UAE theme parks are to receive 18 million visits by 2021, in line with its vision to transform itself into an ultimate tourism destination.

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