All for laughs: Charlie Chaplin’s Swiss home becomes a museum

A waxwork of Chaplin watching old movies at the Manoir de Ban, his private home in Switzerland, now a museum copy



Charlie Chaplin touched the hearts of millions of fans and now they can visit the English-born silent-film comedian’s former Swiss home, which has just been converted into a museum.
Chaplin’s World is comprised of the entertainer’s former mansion, studio and park stretching out over nearly 10 acres alongside Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
The museum promises “an extraordinary adventure across time and through the magical world of cinema.”
The studio is a testament to Chaplin’s film career and includes a replica of the film-set for “The Gold Rush” as well as the machinery from “Modern Times” and scenery from “The Circus.”
There are also film clips from his most famous work with sound, “The Great Dictator.”
The museum also includes wax figures of Chaplin and many of his famous friends such as Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill.
Visitors can also the bedroom where Chaplin died at 88 years of age on December 25, 1977. His library and dining room are also part of the museum.
Chaplin was born in London on April 16, 1889. He switched from theatre to films and became a world star in the United States.

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