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Leading strategic procurement company, Tejari has concluded a partnership with Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) to optimize its competitive procurement bidding processes that enable greater transparency for its suppliers. The Ajman Free Zone Authority is the first entity within Ajman Government to establish an agreement with Tejari.
The two partners have signed a contract to adopt Tejari’s world-class automated BravoAdvantage platform to enable efficient internal management of their procurement processed enabling more agile, transparent and quick delivery of free zone services.
On this occasion, Mahmood Al-Hashimi, AFZ Director General, said “There is no doubt that this fruitful cooperation will become one of the most important free zone tools in dealing with their suppliers in a manner serves quick delivery and flexibility that have become a part of the Ajman Free Zone’s strategy. As well, this partnership opens the door to e- bids in order to attract a wide range of companies and institutions involved in the basic services of Ajman Free Zone and other important projects. This will provide an opportunity for local, regional and international businesses to participate in the electronic purchase orders. Most modern institutions are fully aware of the effectiveness of electronic procurement because of its significant savings in costs as the service will provide an important tenders platform for development projects”.
He also added that this partnership reveals the features of the close cooperation agreed by the parties in building and sustaining relations of cooperation between them. Both parties are keen to build bridges of understanding and cooperation in order to unify their joint efforts and activities so as to take advantage of the possibilities available to each of them such as accumulated scientific and practical experience. This has a positive reflection on the final output as a result of cooperation between them.
Marwan Al Naqi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Tejari commented saying “This partnership is an effective interface and easy to use by the suppliers of Ajman Free Zone. It enables them to conduct competitive bidding as part of the procurement processes. The system facilitates to bidders the opportunity to participate in the applications and tenders offered by the Ajman Free Zone. This will provide significant savings in costs and improves market access for the government entity”. He went on to say that “The Partnership reflects the Foundation’s commitment to maintaining leadership and innovative solutions that contribute to the renaissance style through their internal processes”.
Tejari will work closely with AFZ to select the right solutions for current businesses. The leading procurement technology equips AFZA with appropriate tools to make better decisions about the right competitively priced supplier. This will ultimately benefit the emirate through its tendering processes.
Tejari is also able to track and measure the procurement department’s KPIs through a strategic sourcing platform which is a better integrated solution involving AFZA’s key stakeholders.

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