ADM to build playgrounds for children’s worth AED30mn

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Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has unveiled the layout of 20 sites for children playgrounds to be constructed within parks during 2015-2016 at a cost of more than AED 30.542 million, spanning an area of over 14,000 square meters under the infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi Mainland – North.
These projects, which come as part of the Master Development Plan of Abu Dhabi and suburbs 2030, reflect the Municipal System’s keenness and strategy aimed at developing infrastructure system of all cities and constructing parks and playgrounds.
The projects conform to the highest international standards and address the safety requirements for children and visitors of parks as well as children playing areas. The step also reiterates the Municipality’s commitment to provide entertainment options, especially for children.
Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said the Municipality had constructed 6 children’s playing areas in the Mainland –North last year, spanning an area of 4,690 square meters, costing AED9 million.
This project included constructing children playgrounds, expanding the rubber tracks, erecting sheds, planting trees and ground cover plants, installing irrigation and lighting systems, and all other project requirements. The distribution of parks constructed covered the construction of one park at Baniyas East, four parks at Mohammed bin Zayed City hosting the aforementioned children playgrounds, and one park at Khalifa city.
“As part of its plan for 2016 aimed at revamping the infrastructure, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality is currently undertaking the construction of 14 recreational facilities in to Abu Dhabi Mainland – North as part of a project for constructing 20 children playing areas occupying an area of more than 9,700 square meters, costing over more than 20.5 million dirham,” added Al Murar.
He noted that the sites, which were distributed over an extended geographical area, included 4 sites in Khalifa bin Zayed City, and 2 in Baniyas – East, 3 in Al Shawamekh, whereas Abu Dhabi Gate, Al Maqtaa, Al Falah, Shakhboot City, and
Mohammed bin Zayed City had 1 site apiece.
Speaking about the key landscaping projects that have been constructed in Abu Dhabi and suburbs since last year, Al Murar said that during 2015 and as part of Phase VI, the Municipality completed a project aimed at embellishing and gussying up areas beyond Abu Dhabi Island, and rehabilitating parks and
infrastructure in the Mainland.

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