ADM sponsors, participates in future landscape and public realm meet

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Abu Dhabi / WAM

As part of its participation in the Fusture Landscape and Public Realm Conference held on Yas Island in February, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, (ADM), reviewed many initiatives in providing services for public realm projects, lighting standards and sustainability in public realms. It also presented other working papers highlighting the role played by the municipality in landscaping the capital and its suburbs.
The municipality’s participation in the conference came in line with the municipal system’s vision to provide sustainability standards in all infrastructure projects. It also comes as part of its strategy to adopt the world’s best practices in landscaping public realms, public facilities and parks.
The Future Landscape and Public Realm Conference witnessed the participation of the Municipal Assets and Infrastructure Sector at Abu Dhabi City Municipality, where the Head of Design Team presented a working paper on the first session, entitled, ‘Introduction and Overview on the Role of Abu Dhabi City Municipality.’
He outlined the municipality’s efficient initiatives such as IDAS, as well as the standard benchmarks for design specifications implemented in public realms at world-class standards as per the Green Flag Standards, Lighting Guide and Abu Dhabi city Rating System. A landscaping expert from the Sustainable Standards and Specifications Section, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, presented a paper entitled, ‘Abu Dhabi City Municipality Initiatives in Providing Development Services and Competencies for Public Realms
He reviewed several topics such as the IDAS System and the efficient role it played in landscaping projects, and the Green Flag Award for Parks in Abu Dhabi as well as the procedures performed by the municipality.
The civic body also highlighted the Green Flag Standards Approval system during the project life cycle, starting from the design phase, passing through the construction phase and finishing with the operation and maintenance phase.
The municipality also showcased Abu Dhabi Roads Rating System, discussed some public realms issues and highlighted the need for engineers and designers to comply with the applicable standards.
Similarly, a lighting expert from the Sustainable Standards and Specifications Section, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, presented a paper highlighting the current and future lighting standards in public realms in Abu Dhabi city, public realms lighting specification guidelines, projected advanced technological market changes, future sustainability and renewable energy design requirements, and the drive for establishing uniform lighting standards in Abu Dhabi city.
The Municipality has carried out a number of landscaping and parks rehabilitation projects, established green areas, and constructed irrigation reservoirs, as well as improved irrigation networks and recreational games in parks and children’s play areas in different sectors of Abu Dhabi island.

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