Abu Dhabi hosts cultural symposium, highlighting literary, cultural, scientific heritage of Andalusian civilisation


The ‘Andalusia: History and Civilisation’ Initiative Committee is all set to host the second cultural symposium in Abu Dhabi from February 20 to 21, highlighting the literary, cultural and scientific heritage of Andalusian civilisation and its impact on the intellectual landscape.
This symposium follows the resounding success of its inaugural event, within the cultural programme of the ‘Andalusia: History and Civilisation’ initiative, in the Spanish capital, Madrid, last September. Building upon the momentum generated by the first symposium, which witnessed a remarkable turnout of scientists, specialists, and aficionados of Andalusian civilisation, this event aims to foster further dialogue and exchange of ideas.
The symposium will feature a diverse array of sessions covering various themes, including literature, art, translation, educational renaissance, and academia during the Andalusian era. Several distinguished groups of experts, specialists, historians, and representatives of the academic community from prestigious educational and cultural institutions, including the University of the UAE, the University of Sharjah, the University of Jordan, the University of Tlemcen, and the University of Puerto Rico, will participate in these sessions.
Mohammed Al-Murr, Chairman of the ‘Andalusia: History and Civilisation’ Initiative Committee, said, “This symposium is a significant platform to promote cultural communication and exchange between the UAE and Spain. It also serves as a platform for highlighting the features and influences of the literary and scientific resurgence in Andalusia, showcasing its global impact. Furthermore, it discusses the factors that have contributed to Andalusia’s recognition as a bastion of science and knowledge, acting as a bridge between Eastern and Western civilisations and a hub for intellectual discourse worldwide. This cultural symposium in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, holds a special symbolism as it unveils the activities of the cultural program of the ‘Andalusia: History and Civilisation’ initiative, which has established a new concept of cultural programmes and projects.”
On its first day, the symposium addresses topics centred around Andalusian culture, with a focus on its literature and influence on Arab literary traditions.
Discussions will also include the translation of Andalusian literary works and insights into Andalusian scientific achievements, particularly within schools and universities during the Andalusian era. The first session of the day, themed ‘Andalusian literature’ will be led by Dr Noura Alkarbi, University of Sharjah, with contributions from Dr Hisham Ben Snoussi of the University of Tlemsan, Algeria, exploring the topic, ‘The Depiction of Andalusia in Arab Narratives’. Dr Salah Jarrar, University of Sharjah, will discuss the topic, ‘The specificity of Andalusian literature and the investigative movement for literature’. Dr Silvador Peña Martí, University of Malaga, will share insights on Andalusian literature, while Dr Jaime Sánchez Ratía will explore the intricacies of ‘Translation in Andalusian Literature’.
The second session of the day centred around ‘Andalusian science and knowledge’, will be led by Dr. Adrian Diman of the University of the UAE. Dr Mohamed El Gamal, University of Alexandria, will speak about ‘The milestones of Andalusian civilisational achievement’, while Dr José Miguel Puerta of the Higher Council for Scientific Research in Madrid will explore ‘Andalusian science and literature through the Library of Andalusians’. Meanwhile, Dr Maribel Vieiro, High Council for Scientific Research in Madrid, will shed light on ‘Andalusian schools and universities’, and Dr Mohamed Mekdadi will discuss the topic, ‘Farming and gardening in Andalusia’.
On the second day, the symposium will feature a session titled ‘Moriscos, artistic and literary heritage’ led by Dr Ahmed El Mansouri of the University of the UAE. Dr Ines Sahabou, Higher Institute of Tunisia, will examine the topic ‘Mauritians and literary art’, while Dr Luis Bernabé Nunes, Alicante University of Spain, will discuss ‘The fate of the Mauritians and the memory of the Spaniens’. Meanwhile, Dr Maria Teresa Narvaez, University of Puerto Rico, will analyze ‘Khamidi literature as a means of preserving heritage and the armour of hippocampus Andalusians’, and Dr. Rafael López Guzmán will talk about the ‘Influence of Andalusian Moriski art on the American continent’.
The ‘Andalusia: History and Civilisation’ initiative aims to deepen the knowledge about Andalusian civilisation through its diverse artistic and cultural events as well as to publicise the legacy of this unique civilisation and its profound impact on the European and global stages, particularly in the realms of art, intellect, science, and architecture. This initiative also seeks to highlight Andalusia’s cultural advancements and its commendable role as a model of coexistence, tolerance, and societal progress. Through this initiative, the UAE endeavours to underscore the shared human connections and values across civilisations, while commemorating the Arab civilisation’s luminous chapter in Andalusia as a testament to cultural convergence and historical brilliance.

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