A corner of ‘inner peace’ at ADBIF



Ritika Sharma / Emirates Business

On the eventful last day of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2016, at the creativity corner, a bunch of Grade 2 kids were found busy learning yoga and stress busting techniques. After a long and excitement filled walk across the fair, picking dozens of books as their summer pleasure read, children from various schools of Abu Dhabi, were given a chance to relax and unwind at a stand named ‘Inner Peace”.
“We are coming here for the fifth time. Earlier we were just offering yoga and meditation techniques but this time, we have simplified techniques according to children of all ages and the response is amazing. Teachers tell us that they are amazed at the fact that children can be soothed down in just a minute,” Anil Sharma, founder of Burnout Prophylaxis Trainer, who has been invited from Germany to hold short workshops here, told Emirates Business.
Sharma hosted the stand with two female coaching professionals from Germany. Groups of children from various schools were attending sessions for stress management, breathing exercises and balancing inner wisdom.
“This might sound very technical but we have made it easier for children. We must understand that, as children do not have set notions they can be taught to be forgiving and kind, very easily. They need to unwind from the increasing stress of studies and high levels of internet and electronic penetration we have in our lives. It is our effort to let children realize that it is important to always keep aside sometime for yourself. So that you are always connected to basic qualities of human beings i.e. peace and empathy,” explained Elke A. Jacobs-Sharma, who is a Alternative Medical practitioner and Health Care Manager based in Germany.
“It is a plausible move by the organisers, who have identified this space and invited us to conduct few minutes exercise and yoga sessions with children,” she told Emirates Business. This one of its kind initiative garnered a positive response and the coordinators are planning to come to ADBIF next year as well on visitors demand.
Talking to Emirates Business, Adda Van Zanden, another coach at the stand who is also a famous TV celebrity in Holland told Emirates Business, It makes me feel so gratified as children come to us an tell us that they want us back next year.
“We are trying to assist our children in many other ways especially technologically, but not many of us are taking the stress side of childhood very seriously. We want to raise awareness and help kids feel at peace with themselves. It is a very good experience coming and I would love to come back again.”

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