UAE tops ‘accredited health outlets’ list

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The UAE has put a strong focus on ensuring that the country is well prepared for any emergency or crisis that may occur, government officials said at the Crisis and Emergency Management Conference held in the capital.
Organised by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority(NCEMA) the two-day event is aimed at bringing experts together to share and discuss best practices in handling crisis situations, with delegates from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, UK, and Australia in attendance.
In one of the keynote speeches of the event, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said that providing health security was crucial in avoiding emergency situations at a national level.
“Health security is a big factor for national security, and we have put forward health strategies that are scientifically oriented to deal with different challenges,” he was quoted as saying.
“In 2015, the WHO showed the high ranking of the UAE, with the life expectancy in the UAE at 77 years in 2013 which is in line with other countries in Europe and the US,” he said.
“The UAE is highly ranked in other categories as well, and ranks number one for the number of health outlets that have
international accreditation for safety,” he added.

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