UAE shows global leadership in e-govt


Dubai / Emirates Business

The UAE is among the world’s top countries in using e-government services to drive economic competitiveness and citizen happiness, experts announced ahead of the World Government Summit.
Already the UAE is making strong progress in its information management, ranking in the Top 30 in the world in e-government effectiveness, and the top in the Middle East and Africa in online service delivery, according to a recent report by the United Nations.
“At the World Government Summit, the UAE will show global best practices in using e-government services to become more efficient and more responsive to citizen demands. The UAE demonstrates how information management can cut costs, drive sustainable development, and enable happy engagement between citizens and government,” said Andrew Calthorpe, CEO at the future government consultancy Condo Protego.
Demonstrating the potential for the cost-saving measures of e-government services, Denmark, which has a similar GDP and population to the UAE, used e-invoicing to save about US$215 million, the European Union said in a
recent report.

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