UAE pavilion sees huge turnout at KSA’s heritage festival


Abu Dhabi / WAM

The UAE Pavilion at the 31st Al Janadriyah, the National Festival for Heritage and Culture Festival in Saudi Arabia, witnessed a huge turnout with festival goers keen to experience its distinguished cultural and historical heritage.
The pavilion, supervised by Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture (TCA), unveiled artistic performances and other entertainment activities that witnessed a large turnout from enthusiastic audiences who interacted with some of the performance groups. Several types of art forms that reflect the popularity of the UAE’s heritage, such as traditional songs and music, will be
on show until the end of the festival.
The UAE Pavilion will also promote tourism in Abu Dhabi by distributing leaflets to attract foreign visitors to the capital and introduce this year’s major attractions and activities.
The pavilion also includes three photography exhibitions featuring important historical events that show the depth of the relationship between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as a group of photos that show the nation’s unique heritage.
It is hoped that the pavilion, through its various daily activities, can successfully highlight the values and originality of the UAE’s heritage and present a chronological history of its development up to the current economic and social renaissance.
The pavilion also features a range of special cultural activities, including documentary films about the UAE and its history.

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