FCS to facilitate investments in smart city solutions


The race to become the world’s first smart city has become more exciting with recent and wider applications of disruptive technologies. The building blocks for smart cities will be showcased at the Future Cities Show (FCS), in April, 2019 in Dubai.
With the theme ‘Propelling Globalisation through Digital Transformation’, FCS will support the growth of smart city solutions such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart mobility, smart infrastructure, and sustainability as catalysts in achieving a healthy global digital economy. It will do so by providing the platform for homegrown and international technological innovation to attract scalable investments.
Dawood Al Shezawi, Head of FCS Organising Committee, said, “Smart city solutions will change the way we live. These disruptive technologies will tip the balance between increased efficiency and stagnant productivity. However, they need access to a strong network of business partners, which FCS will provide.”

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