Dubai Courts’ new initiative to enhance social integration


Dubai Courts on Monday announced the launch of an integrated package of services aimed at facilitating and streamlining judicial procedures for senior citizens and people of determination.
This initiative reinforces Dubai Courts’ commitment to sustainable development and advances its contribution to the Dubai Social Agenda 33. By providing services that advance social justice and equality, the initiative serves to enhance social integration.
Focused on significantly improving user experience and raising the efficiency of service delivery, the service package represents a pioneering model in judicial services that meet the needs and aspirations of this social segment.
Dr Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi,
Director-General of Dubai Courts, said, “Dubai Courts is keen to make it easier for senior citizens and people of determination to obtain judicial services. We place the highest priority on enhancing rapid and easy access to the services as part of our efforts to
create a judicial environment characterised by transparency, efficiency, and efficient delivery of justice.”
Al Suwaidi added, “The service package is designed to support senior citizens and people of determination, who we consider a blessing and our top priority. Aligned with Dubai’s vision for ensuring sustainable development and a high quality of life for all members of society, we believe the new initiative will contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and establishing confidence in the judicial system in Dubai. The initiative also forms part of
the strategy of Dubai Courts
to enhance innovation and
excellence in judicial services.”
Mohammed Al Obaidli, Executive Director of the Claims Management Sector of Dubai Courts, stated, “The launch of this package reflects our firm commitment to providing exceptional and reliable judicial services. The initiative will help enhance social sustainability and cohesiveness and foster a judicial environment marked by equality and social justice. By
facilitating and streamlining
judicial procedures for senior citizens and people of determination, the service package will save time, effort, and costs while addressing their specific needs.”
“The new initiative supports the goals of Dubai Social Agenda 33 to strengthen the social system through protection, care, and empowerment. Dubai Courts is committed to play a key role in social development by offering efficient and reliable services. This forms parts of our efforts to provide streamlined, accessible procedures, and further raise Dubai Courts’ position as a leader in judicial services,” he added. Al Obaidli said the new initiative
includes the following services:
– Shore: Voluntary legal consultation services in cooperation with accredited law firms in Dubai.
-Sanad: Voluntary legal representation in cases, in partnership with accredited law firms in Dubai.
-Postponement and exemption from fees: Assistance for litigants who are unable to
pay legal fees by postponing or exempting them.
-Aoun: Support for financially insolvent litigants who cannot pay expert costs of professional services in cases, in partnership with accredited service providers.
-Courts of Goodness: Assistance in paying the debts of insolvent people against whom judicial rulings were issued by Dubai Courts.
-Al Adheed Services: Providing Al Adheed Centers’ services free of charge to the targeted groups.
-Qareeb: Transfer service to Dubai Courts services.
Additional services include priority service in service centres; priority call centre services; dedicated parking; and rooms allocated for video calling.
The new services can be obtained through the Call Centre on 043347777; Service centres across Dubai; and Dubai Courts website.

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