‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ meet OKs first Drone Air Show in 2018



The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Integration in UAE skies conference, hosted by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), has taken a number of important decisions, including one to host the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Aircraft system (JARUS), plenary meeting in the UAE in 2018, and hosting the first Drone Air Show in 2018.
Other decisions included establishing a centre of excellence in the UAE for UAS, accommodating more UAS users to conduct specific and more advanced operations, educating and bringing the level of awareness for drone and UAS users and continue working with other international regulatory authorities.
It was also decided that the current conference will be held as
an international event in 2017.
Titled ‘Unmanned Aircraft Syst-
ems Integration in UAE Skies’, the event focused on operating unmanned aircrafts and assuring continuous improvement of aviation safety. Over 100 officials attended the workshop, representing 45 governments, international and privet entities.
“The authority will establish a so-called “eco-system”, where it will allow all drone innovators, technology designers, manufacturer and users to develop the future of drone in the UAE, support the integration of drones in the UAE in a safe manner,” Saif Mohamed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of GCAA, announced at the conference.

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