Two illegal immigration bids foiled in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi / WAM

Following its commitment to take all measures to protect the UAE’s borders from any risks, Abu Dhabi Customs inspectors foiled an illegal immigration attempt by two people trying to enter the country at Mezyad Customs Centre.
Officials in Mezyad Customs Centre suspected an Arab driver travelling into the emirate while carrying out customs procedures. The officials subjected the truck to further inspection by conducting manual search and modern detectors and found two illegal immigrants hidden in the spare tire compartment in the trunk without identification papers. The officials transferred the driver and the illegal immigrants to the concerned authorities to take all necessary legal actions.
Mohamed Al Hameli, Acting Director of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi praised the preparedness and alertness of customs officials, and stressed their skills in detecting any attempt that will threaten the country’s social and economy security. Al Hameli said, “Illegal immigrations attempts present one of the most dangerous operations facing customs officers and negatively affect both the community and the state, specifically with increased threat of crimes like assault, theft and even murder as well as other security risks which result from outlaws or illegal immigrants to the
Al Hameli added, “The country takes strict and more severe procedures against illegal immigrants and its partners. This reflects the keenness of our wise leadership to take all measures to reduce the illegal immigrants’ negative impact on society, particularly as the UAE is considered an attractive target to illegal immigrants who violate the UAE’s regulations and laws, due to its social and
economic development.”

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