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Showing a non-toxic way to ensure lush garderns in UAE

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Our Correspondent / Emirates Business

Green-Keeper Middle East, a division of UAE-based company FM Solution, is dedicated to make lawns instantly green with a 100 percent natural solution. The first of its kind in the region, Green-Keeper uses a product made in the US, which is non-toxic, biodegradable and perfectly safe for children, pets as well as the environment. Established at the beginning of 2016, the company’s headquarters are in Dubai, UAE.
Managing Director of FM Solution, Silvia Contri, said, “We are very excited to introduce our service in the region. We understand that maintaining a green vibrant colour of grass in lawns is a difficult task, this is why we have come up with a way to cater to this concern with an all-natural solution that represents good value for money and at the same time is environment-friendly.”
Contri believed that while living in a villa, the maintenance is a big challenge, which she had witnessed herself. Following this, Silvia and her husband decided to create a maintenance company in which they would give priority to quality rather than volumes.
The company flourished within months and gained its share of
popularity within the French and Italian community of Dubai for their reasonable prices and boutique professional services.
With the help of a few skilled professionals, Silvia helped her clients to have gardens that stay healthy and green forever.
Eventually Green-Keeper was born as a branch of FM Solution and today it has a long list of clients.
Green-Keeper Middle East, a division of FM Solution, dedicated to provide eco-friendly lawn treatments, has officially launched a natural lawn colour solution to keep the rich green colour of the grass.
The solution is sprayed onto the areas that needed treatment. It works with burnt, dormant, dead or even discoloured grass. With its special formula that provides a vibrant green colour, the grass looks naturally healthy even during the dreary, hot summer.
Normally, to keep the grass green and healthy, lawns have to be watered twice a day with an average of 12 liters of water per square foot. Now, homeowners and turf caretakers can conserve water with the Green-Keeper solution as they only have to water their lawns every two to three days. The colour can also last upto three months. This dramatically helps in the UAE’s efforts towards water conservation.
With a new sound option from Green-Keeper Middle East, maintaining the grass green all year round is not a problem anymore.

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