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Automotive sector eyes digital makeover

Automotive sector to don digital transformation (3) copy


Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Featuring customised scalability and unmatched efficiency in the automotive industry, leading business consulting and IT service company ProCons joins hands with Al Jaziri Motors to implement digitalisation across all its showrooms, including the World’s biggest Lamborghini Showroom in Dubai.
The automobile industry has been moving towards the new means of industrialization, with digital transformation emerging as one of the most significant changes that enables merging of technology and the industry. The new association aims to
implement the SAP business One
application, a business management software to cater to their automobile needs.
Wassim Hassanieh, Managing Partner and CEO of ProCons, elaborated on the main aim behind the collaboration as he spoke to Emirates Business, “Our prime focus has been to build a powerful solution, combining SAP Business One and DMS One added features, customised for the automotive industry. We pride ourselves with our deal with Lamborghini UAE and are committed to bring optimisation and growth to their operations.”
According to the World Economic Forum the digital is also having a
significant transformational impact on R&D, procurement, assembly,
marketing, parts and services. In the parts segment, 10 to 15% of all
global revenue will be generated online by 2025, and for parts and
service retailing.
Empowering the change and rise of digitally would enable and empower consumers, the DMS One, with SAP Business One integration, would offer the best ERP solution, a unique tool to revolutionise Lamborghini’s operations. This integration would be efficiently customised for the automobile sector through ProCons. This impressive expansion increased the need for a high end unified ERP solution to fully control their operation and offer their customers distinctive services.
Al Jaziri motors will have a real time access to information that will facilitate maintenance and follow-ups, improve business efficiency, and increase productivity, which is set to help strengthen the company’s relationship with its clients.
Badr Al Jaziri the General Manager of Al JaziriMotors, said “With this deal with ProCons, we are confident to bring great value to our team, operations, and customers. It is essential for us to keep growing and serve our customers with real-time efficiency. We look forward to this collaboration and the impact it will bring to our business in the near future.”
The solution works from one central database and manages all core business operations across sales, finance, purchases, inventory and delivery functions – in short offering a precise accurate management system to overlook the whole supply chain management from order till delivery in an efficient manner.
According to carmudi report, globally, auto e-commerce has grown at such a staggering rate that now as many as 80% of new car customers and almost 100% of used car customers begin their car shopping experience online. In the UAE, which has a gigantic annual trade surplus and high income per capita, 65.5% car buyers reported are using the internet to conduct research on a car before making a purchase.

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