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Mitsumi: Diversifying with strong vision

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Our Correspondent/ Emirates Business

MITSUMI is an authorised distributor for leading global IT hardware and software brands. It was found in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1996. However, over the past19 years, the company has established 10 warehouses and eight service centers in Africa and a strategic motherhub warehouse located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.
While earning a good name in the IT hardware and software sector, the company aims to broaden its horizon and to venture into the hospitality industry. While talking to Emirates Business, Mitesh Shah, Managing Director Mitsumi Group, opens up about the company’s new

Please share your opinion on the hospitality industry in MENA
Middle East being one of the most significant commercial destinations for the corporate and tourism, hospitality industry is flourishing throughout the year in this region. UAE government is promptly supporting tourism to the best of their effort and this has motivated maximum corporate to have their business destination in UAE. Today all well-known and reputed group of hotels are in UAE and still many new hotels are coming up considering the flow of tourist and business-class guest. Presently hospitality industry is one of the major industry in UAE generating maximum income and foreign currency, supporting directly or indirectly in development of the country.
African country in particular Kenya itself is running short of 3000 rooms as tourism and corporate guest flow is increasing. Kenya being one of the most sought after tourist destinations is also the most important corporate destination for African continent. It has been witnessed in recent years numerous of the reputed international branded hotels are emerging like mushroom at different destinations of Kenya.
In respect to the business prospect, hospitality industry in Kenya will always be flourishing because of its natural beauty and even Kenyan government is supporting and promoting hospitality industry to best of their effort as tourism is the main resource of income contributing in
development of their country.

You started your journey with an IT company. What exactly inspired you to venture into a
completely different industry?
Mitsumi Computer Garage Ltd started its endeavour in 1996 and since then there was no U turn, gradually and substantially we expanded our wings throughout Africa and today we have offices in 10 African countries including UAE. Being in IT Company for years, we apprehended the necessity of good international branded hotels to cater the international travellersvisiting to Kenya for business and leisure.
We surveyed the African Market and realised that Kenya in particular is incompetent to accommodate the high volume of international movement because of scarcity of room key counts. Being in the IT sector, lots of significant delegates from highly reputed companies like Samsung, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Polycom, Canon, Hitachi, Intel, etc. are frequent visitors to our office and they face inconvenience on their stopover, thus it motivated us to get in Hospitality industry in-order to provide them International standard Room, variety cuisines and entertainment – ‘Home away from home’.

Have you witnessed any particular pattern of demand among the UAE customers? How do you plan to achieve their expectations?
UAE is technologically advanced country and all international reputed branded hotels exist here trying to provide the finest facilities and services to their patrons. Competition is very hard-hitting and survival is only probable if you develop something unmatchable extraordinary with world class services and outstanding quality food.
Understanding the market assessment information, we have an immense proposal for UAE project. It would be designed exclusively under one of the prominent architect considering all the necessity of
the international travellers.

What is your strategy for the year 2016 and is there any particular target you are aiming at?
Our company has a long tenure vision with a sturdy business strategy to strive with the prevailing competitors whether it could be IT sector, Hospitality Sector, Development or Textiles. Alike any other professional company, this year 2016 we too have an apprehensive target and consequently we have planned our strategy with our team to achieve it.
Our company is organised with a hard-core committedprofessional management team and they contribute their 100 percent proficiency to achieve the budgeted target.

What do you think about the
company’s future prospect in the
Tourist from all around the world visit this country for leisure, excursion and business throughout the year, thus hospitality future prospect is very bright and if capitalised delicately there is no looking back. Tourism for this country is booming because of its rich natural heritage beauty which is never ending. Frequent international flights very well connect Kenya worldwide being a well-known tourist destination.

Can you share details about your recent project Gold Tulip?
With a prestigious location and wealth of facilities, the Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi is a new hotel designed for business and leisure guests alike. This hotel in Nairobi is conveniently positioned in the Westlands neighborhood, an affluent modern area known for its shopping centers, Commercial buildings, and international banks. Guests receive a warm welcome as they enter the spacious double heighted lobby, with its contemporary decor and multilingualstaff. Whether you’re attending a conference or exploring Nairobi’s cultural attractions, you’ll be well positioned for a relaxing and vibrant stay.
There’s a wide range of accommodation on offer at the Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi. Our hotel rooms and suites include 44 Standard, 38 Superior, 10 Deluxe, and 2 Business Suites options for the busy traveller. Rooms come fully equipped with elegant furnishings, and feature daily housekeeping as well as private luxury bathrooms and complimentary toiletries. Enjoy a high level of security in a warm and stylish home away from home. Direct dial telephones, satellite television, and internet access is available for all guests.
Many visitors travel to the Westlands area for business purposes, due to its high concentration of international banking facilities and offices. If you have a special event to plan, you need look no further than the Golden Tulip Westlands Nairobi. We offer fully equipped conference facilities onsite, to ensure that your event runs according to plan.

Any other project in the pipeline that you are looking forward to?
As indicated formerly Mitsumi Group of company has diversified in the hospitality industry with a strong vision and primarily we have premeditated to develop 5 hotels of International standard in Africa including UAE within a very short
duration. To be prescribed our one hotel under the banner of ‘Golden Tulip’ is effusively operational and 2nd Hotel Project with 160 Rooms, 70+ service apartments, high standard ready walk in offices and shopping mall counts construction is in development with bursting promptness with all modern amenities to compete with any international
reputed branded hotel.

We need to meet our targeted schedule and soon we will proceed with our other projected projects which will be intimated to you shortly.

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