Yemen’s Armed Forces General Staff mourns Emirati martyr


Yemen’s Armed Forces General Staff mourned the martyrdom of Emirati martyr, Juma Abdullah Hassan Al Shamsi, who fell on Sunday morning while on the national duty, participating in the Arab coalition forces’ Restoring Hope Operation in Yemen.
In a statement, the Yemen’s Armed Forces General Staff said that the people of Yemen would never forget the UAE and the rest of the Arab coalition member states for their gallant mission to restore the sovereignty of Yemen, ensure security and stability to Yemen, as well as stop the injustice and aggression being meted out by Al-Houthi militia and Ali Saleh group against the people of Yemen.
The statement extended the heartfelt condolences to the UAE leadership, government, the family of the martyr and people of the UAE. It prayed to Almighty Allah to rest the soul of martyr in eternal peace and bestow solace on his family.

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