Yemenis stranded in Djibouti after Trump’s immigration ban



An American lawyer says hundreds of Yemenis with US visas are stranded in the tiny African state of Djibouti because of President Donald Trump’s ban on entry for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.
Lawyer Julie Goldberg told The Associated Press on Wednesday that “these are all the children, parents and the spouses of US citizens.” She says they are not refugees and that more than half of the more than 200 Yemenis are children.
Speaking from Djibouti, Goldberg says she obtained a court order dated Tuesday from the U.S. District Court in California’s central district instructing the U.S. government to not enforce Trump’s executive order and allow the Yemenis to fly to the United States.
She seeks an airline that will comply with the order. Yemen has been engulfed in conflict since 2014.

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