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Dubai resident Sabah Mukri made UAE motorsport history by becoming the first female rider to compete in the UAE Sportbike Championship at Dubai Autodrome.
The 32-year-old won a million hearts and minds in the racing community not just for her significant achievement but also the infectious enthusiasm she spread throughout the event.
Talking Emirates Business Mukri spoke about her passion, “I caught the obsession from my father when I was very young! He was a huge motorcycle enthusiast and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. For as long as I can remember I wanted to ride a motorcycle just for the love of bikes and riding
not realising I had to potential to take it to race level.”
On the first day of her UAE Sportbike Championship she impressed everyone by qualifying, then finished 12th in Race 1 and 11th in Race 2. When asked about her accomplishment Mukri enthusiastically replied, “It feels awesome! I was not expecting to be supported to this scale, I have been encouraged by all my fellow racers, Dubai Autodrome.”
“Being the first female has definitely caught a lot of attention from the media. It does give you a great sense of accomplishment. I hope I have been able to motivate men and women all over UAE to become an active petrolhead like myself,” she added.
Speaking about her state of mind at the first of the two races, Mukri said, “I was saying to myself don’t stall. I was thinking let’s have a decent start and I must concentrate. It was my first ever race start and honestly I did not know what to expect. The first race was just like an ice-breaker. The start wasn’t too good.”
Later in the day, in the second race, with nerves and adrenalin under control it was a different story for Sabah. “In the first race everyone disappeared from the moment the race started. But in race two it was so much better – I nailed it! I overtook a few guys. It was awesome.”
Sharing her personal experience as a female rider, Mukri, very confidently said, “No hesitation when it came to riding motorcycles. As soon as I was given the opportunity I jumped to the occasion applied for a license and bought my first bike. However participating in a race was a different story altogether.”
“I was in complete awe of all the racers and did not believe I could rise up to the challenge of going up head to head with them but then again if I didn’t try how would I ever know! Always the rebel I did not give up on my dream,” she said.
The next in line for Mukri at the UAE Sportbike Championship race is on March 11, at the Autodrome. Mukri positively spoke about her next big race, “I am so excited to participate in the upcoming sportbike race series held at Dubai Autodrome for 2016-2017. I also intend to compete in the Losail 600cc cup in Qatar and the Bahrain super bike championship.”

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