UnionPay Int’l offers secure prepaid cards

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Dubai / Emirates Business

Ensuring a secure salary transfer system to the corporates in the UAE, UnionPay International has launched region’s first EMV prepaid salary cards. Through these cards, banks in the UAE can now offer workers secure and advanced payment services conforming to the country’s Wage Protection System (WPS), at economic costs.
UnionPay International is a global provider of high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base.
“Once again, UnionPay International partners with leading local banks and payment processing companies to offer labour a secure and robust payment scheme,” said Han Wang, General Manager, UnionPay International Middle East.
“With UnionPay’s financially
viable EMV prepaid salary cards, banks can guarantee labour have access to an array of benefits and a global access to their funds,” he added.
By using UnionPay prepaid salary cards, workers can benefit from a wide range of privileges similar to those of regular electronic banking including global withdrawal, and global point of sales purchases. Cardholders will have global access to their finances as well as the ability to withdraw from their home country.

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