UAE’s first joint stock retailer to enter Qatar market


Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

UAE’s first public joint stock retail operator Marka has announced its plans for international expansion. The retail company is gearing up to step into the Qatar market with the launch of Morelli’s Gelato ice cream, fashion brands City Chic and Weill, and jewelry house dinh van at Mall of Qatar by the third quarter of this year.
The company also announced its collaboration with the leading Japanese beauty brand Shiseido, to launch of the region’s first Shiseido Beauty Boutique in Dubai’s City Walk Phase II, which will open in Q2 of 2016.
Khaled Almheiri, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Marka, told Emirates Business, “Our venture into the Qatar retail market is quite significant. Qatar has always been a part of our strategic expansion plans beyond the UAE. The country offers a strong retail environment, plus the excellent location and tenant composition of the Mall of Qatar.”
Marka’s retail venture in Qatar will take off with some phenomenal brands which includes ice cream brand, Morelli’s Gelato, offering a high quality Italian gelato, freshly sculpted dairy and culinary creations that are hand-crafted to a 100-year-old family recipe. Fashion brand, City Chic, bringing celebration of curves all sizes to fashionistas in Qatar. Plus a contemporary French jewelry house, dinh van will add the perfect complement to any outfit with its bespoke range of luxury, hand-crafted masterpieces.
Marka has been successful establishing these international brands in the Emirates retail market with array of outlets across the country. “This expansion plan is not only momentous because of our first international expansion, but this also symbolises our endeavor for success as well as Marka’s determination and commitment towards its shareholders,” said Almheiri.
Nick Peel, CEO of Marka, said, “After only 12 months of full operations, we are proud to be delivering our strategy for expansion and growth. This remarkable opportunity has cemented our reputation as an international retail operator within the GCC. Our first brands for Qatar are a perfect fit for the market, and we are closely reviewing additional opportunities to expand these brands across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.”
Marka now boasts over 40 outlets with over 1,200 employees throughout the UAE. With a steady expansion plans to unveil many more coveted brands in the GCC, the retail operator is well ahead of the curve in establishing its presence as an industry leader throughout the region.

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