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UAE takes Arab fashion’s centre stage


Ritika Sharma Emirates Business

The UAE is shaping the Arab fashion industry. And it will don a prominent role as the sector is poised to grow substantially in the next five years. Currently valued at US$300 billion, the Arab fashion industry is expected to touch US$500 billion by 2019.
Emirati fashion designer Lamya Abedien, who aims at making the national dress ‘abaya’ a global rage, believes the segment has immense
“UAE is an extremely fertile ground for fashion industry to flourish and I believe we have to lead the way to make Arab dresses a ‘wardrobe
essential’ across the globe, regardless of social or
geographic backgrounds,” Lamya, who is founder of the brand Queen of Spades, told Emirates Business.
Ilham Abaas, the Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council which organises Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, echoes the same sentiments.
“We (Arab Fashion Week) are now on the international fashion calendar. This, in itself, is an achievement for the Arab fashion industry and for the UAE as a host of this important event. The main aim of Arab Fashion Council is that we want to make sure our (Emirati) designers become known worldwide,” she told Emirates Business, ahead of the upcoming event scheduled next month.
Promising a world-class Arab Fashion Week event this time, with participation from 22 Arab countries, Ilham stresses that it is important to create a platform for all the Arab countries to be able to showcase.
“We are going to make local designers push their boundaries and get hands-on experience during the Arab Fashion Week, not just to
create dresses, but also to
understand how to market their brands and sell their collections,” added Ilhaam.

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