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UAE emerges as hotspot for destination weddings

Ackash Jain Director of QnA revelaing survey reselts at DWP congress copy


RITIKA SHARMA / Emirates Business

The UAE has yet again established itself as one of the most preferred choices for destination weddings, with the industry pegged to grow 100% in the country by end of the year. This was revealed in a recent survey which pegged the global destination-wedding industry at US$80 billion,
representing 27 percent of
the overall global wedding
Notably, the Middle East destination wedding industry is contributing a substantial US$4 billion or 5 percent to the global wedding sector.
This research was conducted by Dubai based event organiser QnA International and stated that in Middle East, UAE and Turkey were the leading destinations for couples from Middle East and Africa.
Speaking on the survey results, Ackash Jain, Director of QnA International, also the organisers of the Destination Wedding Planners Congress, told Emirates Business, “The survey reveals the results of couple preferences as per the requests destination wedding planners worldwide are receiving from their clients. UAE tops as a destination of choice for wedding couples from Middle East, Africa and India primarily.”
Middle East accounts for 5 percent of the overall share of couples preferences for destination weddings happening worldwide. However, we expect a sharp increase for next year with the destination’s growing popularity amongst European, American and Asian couples.
“It is not really surprising that UAE has become a top destination for weddings, the country’s scenic locations and cultural diversity are a great plus. The figures from the survey are promising and reflect the growing acknowledgement of the region’s attractiveness for wedding tourists,” he said.
It is notable that to cater to the rising demand, luxury hotels and resorts in the region have designed all-inclusive wedding packages for overseas couples.
“Whether you’re looking for a beach resort, or a desert landscape, or an iconic landmark, the UAE has so much to offer to the couple as well as guests looking for unique experiences. Finally, the great aviation connectivity and the UAE’s geographic location, make the country easily accessible from almost anywhere in the world,” he said.
Patrick Antaki, GM Al Aqah Beach resort, Fujairah, told Emirates Business, “With our spectacular beaches, exotic landscapes, natural beauty, modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels with world class dining experiences, UAE surely has great opportunity to further develop this segment.”
“Along with weddings, there is also an opportunity to host renewal of vows, which has become a growing trend now. We have some of most beautiful, picturesque and elegantly design hotels combined with the gorgeous weather for most of the year, making our destination extremely desirable,” he added.
Ferghal Purcell, General Manager, The Ajman Palace Hotel which hosted some of the most lavish destination weddings last year, told emirates Business, “The UAE has multiple demand drivers and destination weddings are one of them. Given the UAE’s strategic geographical location on the world map with 1/3 of the global population living less than four hours flight and 2/3 living within 8 hours flight and fabulous entertainment as well as leisure attractions makes it the ideal wedding destination.”
“Weddings are a huge business in the UAE and we see an enormous potential for growth of this industry both in the domestic market as well as in key feeder markets such as India. Destination weddings are a growing trend and picking up strongly in emerging countries of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With UAE offering the very best wedding facilities and services as well as the most secure environment, it is expected to seize a bigger share of the pie,” Ferghal added.

General Manager Ferghal Purcell

Patrick Antaki GM Al Aqah Beqach resort copy


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