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Lack of transparency and hidden charges have been one of the biggest setbacks that the UAE drivers over the years. The recently launched car insurance comparison portal asserts that comparing and buying policies could help UAE drivers not only save money but also buy an informed policy.
According to the recently launched car insurance comparison portal,, the comparison of policies has already benefited numerous customers, Jon Richards, CEO of, “Making the important choice of your car insurance was never easier. Saving consumer’s money is really the substratum upon which our business was founded.”
The comparison helps the consumer to make an factual comparison and gives them a clear picture of benefits the company has to offer.
Richard stated that it is essential to get the maximum mileage out of the insurer, he added about the success rate of the company over the first month of launch, “We’re delighted that our car insurance comparison portal has saved our customers almost AED 1 million in the first month of operation, with the portal writing over AED 4 million worth of car insurance policies”
As per the survey conducted by the portal it was revealed that nearly two thirds of consumers believe that if they continue to stay with their old insurer it would help save them money, in contrast to getting a new insurer.
“Comparing the insurance online before buying has been the trend in UK and India for quite some time, but we are glad to bring this platform to the UAE. It is an honour to be in a position where we can give the power to the consumer to make their decision about their money by providing them the required information,” said Richard., car insurance comparison portal was a venture initiated by the region’s leading finance comparison website last month. The addition to the site complements the portal’s existing product range, which includes home loans, car loans, credit cards, bank accounts, personal loans and commercial loans.

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