UAE culture-inspired jewellery to shine at Dubai show

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Dubai / Emirates Business

As the UAE buzzes with festive atmosphere following its 45th National Day celebration, prominent Dubai–based jewellers are preparing to showcase extraordinary collections paying tribute to Arabic culture and the country’s core values at Dubai International Jewellery Week this week December, 7-10.
Renowned for their unique calligraphic jewellery, QUAIS by Mehwish Allawala, will present their hand-made luxury sets and home decorative pieces bearing Arabic and Quranic inscriptions at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).
Mehwish Jawad Allawala, Director and Owner at QUAIS said: “We will be exhibiting unique, elegant pieces that reflect the virtues of pure mysticism and act as a medium for depicting the Arab values of love and harmony to the world.”
Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and 21K gold-plating, each piece is inscribed with a narrative inspired by Arabic and Quranic scriptures and comes with an artisan card that features a translation for each engraving.
Mehwish said: “Our collections, featuring both formal and casual jewellery as well as home décor treasures are inscribed with meaningful, metaphorical stories influenced by mystical culture and embrace the ethos of elegance balanced with function, form and beauty.”
Also presenting pieces inspired by local culture is Dhamani Jewels, one of the region’s largest wholesalers of precious stones and high-end diamond sets designer, famous for their creation of a million-dollar hat adorned with fancy diamonds in 2011.
Rohit Dhamani, Director – Wholesale & Manufacturing at Dhamani Jewels said: “We will launch some of our most outstanding pieces of jewellery that represent the high values of Arabic culture and are inspired by Dubai’s cosmopolitan, multi-cultural edge.”
With decades of local market experience under their belt, Dahmani said the UAE’s strive for excellence and progress has had a major impact on his company and motivated his brand to create an exclusive category of products.
“Our collection of fine jewellery sets reflect what the UAE means to us: the epitome of elegance, prosperity, peace and harmony. For example, our choice of white, solitaire diamonds is inspired by the strength and solidarity of the country’s leadership while interwoven diverse cuts and colours of diamonds represent its diversity, prosperity, and happiness.”
Dhamani’s exclusive collection will feature fancy yellow diamond sets made of 18K white and yellow gold, studded with a variety of cuts, including pear, marquise, round and cushion.
The Dubai International Jewellery Week will showcase more than 10,000 jewellery designs from around the world. Admission is free to the general public upon presentation of valid ID, while anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The show is open from 2:00pm to 10:00pm daily, with the exception of Friday December 9 when doors open at 3:00pm.

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