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Protecting nature? There are apps for that

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Apple set out to inspire people to protect nature with a special collection of apps whose proceeds will go toward doing just that.
The technology powerhouse behind the iPhone and the iPad worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and developers from around the globe to launch Apps for Earth at its online App Store.
Through April 24, all proceeds from the participating apps will go to WWF, the conservation group said.
“With Apps for Earth, we’re helping to inform, engage and involve millions of people in global environmental efforts through the fitness, education, entertainment and gaming apps they use every day,” Apple’s vice president of environmental, policy and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, and WWF chief executive Carter Roberts wrote in a joint blog post.
“And we hope that for many, this is just the first step toward taking even bigger action in their communities and around the world to help the planet.”
Apple and WWF launched a multi-year partnership last year to protect as many as a million acres of managed forest in China.
Apple environmental initiatives
include powering data-centers with renewable energy and an experimental new line of robots that disassemble iPhones and salvage reusable materials.
Each application at Apps for Earth contains content underscoring the value of conserving forests, oceans, water, wildlife and more while addressing threats such as climate change and unsustainable food production, according to Jackson and Roberts.
For example, a SimCity Buildit app lets players virtually create habitat for endangered species and a Trivia
Crack game tests people’s knowledge of nature and conservation.
“The planet faces greater environmental challenges today than ever before,” Jackson and Roberts wrote.
“We’re incredibly grateful to the developers who have worked to help create a pathway for people around the world to learn about and be inspired to protect our planet for generations to come.”

Put a smartphone safari in your pocket


Virry is an award-winning app that helps children get closer to nature and it is now available on iPhones and the Apple TV
The app is like Twitch or Periscope for wild animals. It brings users a live, interactive high-definition feed of lions, rhinos, giraffes, meerkats and more in their natural habitat.
Virry was designed in partnership with child development experts as a way of helping users aged between three and seven reach key educational objectives. However, more than that, it is hoped the app, which until now was an iPad only title, will help the next generation to care for endangered species.
Virry’s creator Svetlana Dragayeva said: “After our hugely successful launch on iPad last year, the move to Apple TV harnesses cutting edge technology and creates a compelling learning experience, we are extremely excited about what this move means for the next generation’s learning, development and knowledge of the natural world.”

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