Thailand’s power peak to hit 28,500 megawatt this year

Bangkok / DPA

Thailand’s power peak will hit a new record this year when electricity usage is expected to hit 28,500 megawatt, according to an estimate by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand under the assumption that average temperature would rise by 4 percent to 38.5 degree Celcius. The electricity consumption should hit a new peak some time during April and May, due to severe drought, the agency said.
“Last year’s peak at 27,345.8MW was recorded at 2:02pm on June 11 when the average temperature stayed at 36.7 degree Celcius,” said deputy Egat governor Suthon Boonprasong who is in charge of transmission system.
“This year’s peak should be higher from last year due to heat and severe drought influenced by the El Nino phenomenon.
On March 17, the power peak was at 27,002.4MW when average temperature was 36.1 degree Celcius.
Suthon said that Egat closely followed the situation to ensure no power shortage. He also urged all to cut down unnecessary power usage.

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