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Staytus is a data-driven, turnkey partner for the luxury hotel industry, which has been created to enhance guests’ experience during their hotel stay. It has been set up to deliver a unique suite of digital services to analyse customer data and increase capture, driving up revenues in hotels and resorts. It aims to unlock hidden guest revenue, tapping into a US$30 billion opportunity, with potential extra sales valued at
US$6.4 billion.
Troy Simoni, CEO of Staytus, told Emirates Business, “Last year, guests of luxury hotels and resorts spent over US$30 billion on food and beverage, spa and other amenities worldwide. With the arrival of Staytus, hoteliers now have the means to increase that revenue envelop
It has just announced its official worldwide launch to support luxury hotels and resorts in maximising on-spend at hotel and resort outlets. By integrating the digital marketing activation expertise of in-house guest revenue experts, SweetBeam, the new hospitality specialist has created a suite of analytical and activation services geared towards helping hoteliers maximise revenue from their outlets.
According to research from the company, US$32 billion was spent worldwide last year on food and beverage, spa and other amenities by resident guests of luxury hotels and resorts with even more spending coming from the local market. Staytus believes that potential extra sales could be as high as US$6.4 billion if hoteliers can maximise the value of their customer data and action the insights. With food and beverage and other services representing as much as 50 percent of the revenue of some luxury hotels and resorts, Staytus is intent on helping hoteliers capitalise on an area key to the bottomline.
With enviable names such as the Fairmont The Palm, Park Hyatt Dubai, Four Seasons Dubai, and Dorchester London counted amongt its portfolio, Staytus’ initial figures show that hotels and resorts are increasing revenues from guests by between +10 and +30 percent through more covers in restaurants, higher utilisation rates in spas and higher average spending on leisure activities and services.
Staytus has opened its own property in Dubai to combat industry-wide issues. The hotel supports hoteliers and guests alike on the following measure
Fierce competition from rival food and beverage outlets, with offers and incentives driving guests to overlook food and beverage industry and leisure opportunities located within the hotel or resort itself.
Continued reliance on room
revenue, where yield management on rooms has given rise to sophisticated tools and analytics.
Ineffective media to reach guests, meaning hoteliers often miss the opportunities to drive further revenue by targeting guests during their stay with relevant, personalised offers.
Limited resources to mine data and manage marketing, with reduced headcounts and reduced budgets, valuable customer data and insight may not be maximised to full potential.
Staytus uses an analytical approach to mine big data and drive an industry-leading suite of turnkey activation solutions that allow hotels and resorts communicate more individually with guests and increase capture.
Analytics KING
Staytus is offering on-spend consulting, unique on-spend audit and benchmarking engagements to its clients. It gives hotels and resorts a guest-level view of decision drivers and help them to draft strategies that result in increased revenue.
Its data analytics give insight into the outlet spending and utilisation of guests with preferences and total customer value by key demography.
They are also providing trend and impact reports as well as monthly, quarterly and annual executive summaries that offer a bespoke analysis on preferences of guests and responsiveness to targeted marketing initiatives.
Staytus’ patented T3 tailored marketing approach is timely and it offers with highly relevant reports regarding guests’ preferences.
They also have a superior staff coaching programme that is designed to impart matchless traing to the staff. This guarantees staff to address guests’ problems proactively at the earliest, without wasting any time.
A testament to the company’s success, Staytus has already scooped a raft of prestigious awards, including a Silver accolade at the recent Effie MENA Awards.
The company was also named
winner in the Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment category at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards.
“We know that with our services each customer will be able to generate an additional 10 to 30 percent in on-spend revenue, the majority of which will go straight to the bottomline,” said Simoni.
“Through our analytical approach and world-class turnkey activation solutions we can help hoteliers to
address issues that are expected to haunt the industry in the coming days. We believe we will set a standard in luxury hospitality and we are so excited about our upcoming activities of the forthcoming months,”
concluded Simoni.

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