Smartworld digitally transforms its headquarters with Cisco tech

Dubai / Emirates Business

Cisco announced that Smartworld, an Etisalat and Dubai South joint venture company, has deployed the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework to create a smart, highly secure and connected indoor space at its new headquarters in Dubai South.
The implementation brings together Cisco’s secure IT network with an advanced LED connected lighting system from Philips Lighting to enable Smartworld to deliver a more connected, comfortable and intelligent working environment for both employees and guests. Smartworld’s headquarters will be the showcase model of the company’s digital transformation and intelligent building capabilities for future developments in Dubai South, the UAE, and the broader region.
The Cisco Digital Ceiling deployment in Smartworld’s new headquarters will serve people’s dynamic needs in real-time, while also supporting the organization’s drive for sustainable growth.
By connecting Smartworld’s building services onto a single converged IP network, the Cisco Digital Ceiling delivers multiple benefits that include human-centric environments, optimized workspaces, streamlined maintenance, and reduced energy consumption and operating expenses.
“We are proud to be one of the first in the region to deploy the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework. The potential of the Digital Ceiling goes beyond optimizing building systems and creates a platform for a new ecosystem of building applications and services,” said Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Smartworld.
“It gives us new opportunities for transformational applications, analytics and business intelligence, and delivers the essential capabilities needed to make cost savings a reality. Our office building will act as a proof-of-concept for developers and organizations looking to build smart and intelligent buildings in Dubai South and the UAE,” added Obaid.
Cisco’s Digital Ceiling framework and solution sets accelerate digital transformation and extends the benefits of the IoT throughout Smartworld’s facilities, delivering a smart and highly connected environment that maximizes efficiencies and optimizes space utilisation.
The energy efficient Philips LED light fixtures are equipped with sensors that are connected to the Cisco Power over Ethernet network. Real-time information provided by the lighting system, such as energy use and room occupancy data, help building managers to make informed business decisions, while workers can use their smartphones to adjust light levels and climate control.

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