Sky Telecom to expand operations through MENA

Ali Kassab

Dubai / Emirates Business

Sky Telecom, the Dubai-based telecom and digital enabler for ICT service providers and the consumer technology industry, has outlined its expansion plans through the MENA region for 2016.
The company, which was launched in Dubai in 2014, is unique in offering the ultimate mix of retail and digital platforms to consumers, providing the most complete and comprehensive digital platform in the region for ICT service providers and the consumer technology industry. Sky Telecom offers a complete setup, both online and offline, and has developed a package of services for consumers, which encompasses e-payments, e-services and e-commerce.
Ahead of GITEX Shopper 2016 (Spring Edition), which takes place at the Dubai World Trade Center from March 30 to April 2, Sky Telecom has announced the introduction of its ‘Trusted Stores’ program in the UAE. The program will connect consumers with a wide range of unique benefits, including mobile money, social wallet, e-payments, digital marketplace and virtual stores. Through the Trusted Stores program, consumers in the UAE will be able to connect, view, interact and transact with thousands of retail outlets dealing in telecom devices, accessories and services, while benefitting from many offers, rewards and an enhanced customer experience. The Trusted Stores program integrates into the company’s existing framework to create a bi-directional transaction between retailers and consumers.
A Trusted Stores Partner is a certified physical store that the company has vetted through a strict quality assurance process, which certifies them to transact through the company’s secured marketplace, ‘’. Through this telecoms marketplace, trusted stores can upload their data and provide access to their own online catalogue of products and services onto the digital platform, giving them exposure to thousands of online users. Trusted stores will have a package of tools to manage customer loyalty, inventory, e-payments and digital marketing in order to ignite their businesses and drive new traffic to the store across all channels.
Trusted Stores will be officially launched during GITEX Shopper, with consumers able to experience Sky Telecom’s convenient range of e-services first-hand. In 2014, at GITEX Shopper Autumn, Sky Telecom gained 20,000 daily registered customers and a total of 140,000 registrations in 7 days. Sky Telecom are anticipating an even larger uptake at this year’s event, thanks to even better promotions and a wider range of vendors.
The pioneering concept will drive the customer experience based on analytics gathered through the company’s marketplace.
“Sky Digital Platform is a cloud platform that’s a first regionally,” says Ali Kassab, CEO of Sky Telecom. “The aim is to bring a lot of flexibility and effortlessness in the way people will interact with retail, travel or services, for example. We have a number of planned initiatives that will positively impact the way people shop or play or manage their lives, and will evolve the consumer experience. We will be able to adapt according to the circumstances, such as a particular channel or
The Trusted Store marketplace is part of the ‘Sky Digital Platform’, an in-house platform, which enables revenue generation, market penetration and increased market share for Sky Telecom partners. The platform’s eco-system provides a digital marketplace, omni-channel customer engagement, point-of-sales and retail outlet management, CRM, loyalty management and marketing automation, alongside customer analytics and profiling based on big data. Sky Digital Platform is unique in that is a unified system that manages all chains of customer experience and engagement across all channels, which includes points-of-sale and kiosks as well as online. Based on a revenue-sharing model, where Sky Telecom builds and operates the business case, the system is simple to use, transparent and easily applied.

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