Sawab ‘campaign’ focuses on women’s feats


The Sawab Centre, a joint online engagement initiative by the governments of the UAE and the US in support of the Global Coalition against IS , has launched a new social media campaign on the social networking sites Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #HerAchievementsInspireMe.
Coinciding with International Women’s Day, on March 8th, the campaign aims to spotlight the achievements of several exemplary and entrepreneurial women and how these women have supported society’s advancement. The Sawab Centre is inviting the public to join the campaign by sharing Tweets and Instagram images about women’s achievements using the hashtag.
By highlighting the accomplishments of women in social, cultural, political, economic, and other fields in the Islamic and Arab worlds and throughout the Middle East region, the campaign forms part of the Sawab Centre’s strategy to increase public awareness and support counter extremism, and refute the allegations of terrorist groups that attempt to negate the positive impact of women in society.
By showing that women have always played a significant role in the region, the Centre urges younger generations to draw inspiration from these exemplary women.
The Sawab Centre launched its first campaign against IS’s inhumane treatment of women in November 2015 to unmask the deception used by the group to recruit women.
The current campaign aims to highlight the positive counter-narrative to Daesh’s denial of women’s dignity.
The Sawab Centre focuses on delivering fact-based, accurate and credible information without distortion or exaggeration. Within a relatively short period of time, it has built robust and highly interactive social media platforms that offer a moderate and enlightened alternative

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