SAJA Pharmaceutical opens its New office in Dubai


SAJA Pharmaceutical Company, the Saudi-Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, one of the TAMER Holding Group companies, opened its new office in Dubai Healthcare City, as part of its goal to expand its presence in the Middle East region, which constitutes a qualitative shift in Emirati cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the health field, especially pharmaceutical manufacturing and therapeutical security.
The opening attracted the participation of prominent figures in the field of healthcare, most notably His Excellency Dr. Ali Al Sayed, Director of the Pharmacy Department at the Dubai Health Authority and Chairman of the “DUPHAT” Conference and Exhibition, Dr. Mohamed Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAJA Company and CEO of Tamer Holding Group, and Dr. Mohamed Khalil, CEO of SAJA Pharmaceutical Company, and Dr. Mahmood Ghaly, General Manager of SAJA Company in the Gulf region, The opening also witnessed a distinguished presence of a group of prominent figures in the field of health care and CEOs of major pharmaceutical import and distribution companies in the Gulf region.
Commenting on the opening of the new office, His Excellency Dr. Ali Al Sayed (Director of the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Services at the Dubai Health Authority) said: “One of the goals of the Dubai Health Authority is to develop the pharmaceutical industry, starting from factories and ending with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, and it is very important for the Authority to develop the sector.” Especially in terms of the pharmaceutical industry, because this will reflect positively on the economy.” He added: “We encourage regional companies to be present in the UAE and Dubai by providing them with the appropriate environment for investment, and providing the required facilities to help them succeed, as their success is evidence of our success. Through the combined efforts of the private and government sectors, we will be able to achieve the goal and attract… More important companies to invest in Dubai.
In this context, Dr. Muhammad Taher (Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAJA Company and CEO of Tamer Group) said: “The main location of the SAJA Saudi-Japanese factories group is in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we have another factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt. About ten years ago this factory was purchased and renovated.” It is structured according to international quality standards, and this has allowed us the ability to produce high-quality medicines at a reasonable cost that are available to everyone compared to other companies. Therefore, the issue of price competition gives us priority in the markets in which we are present, by focusing on lower production costs and high quality, which we cherish. “It also has the advantage of reaching the patient faster than others, due to our presence in a vital area in the Middle East.”
Regarding competition, Dr. Taher emphasized: “Competition takes place in “generics” and SAJA differs from all local companies or in the region because the quality provided by SAJA to the patient depends on research and development and are coming from the research and development laboratories of our Japanese partners.”. Regarding the role of future research and visions, he asserts: “In light of the development of the subject of diseases, there is a need for speed in the subject of developmental research, especially since technology improves and accelerates the production of new medicines, and the role of artificial intelligence has become something that cannot be ignored because it is extremely important in developing medicines through work.” Models of medicine and developmental research to obtain faster results, and this is confirmed by the research that was applied during the Covid-19 period to produce vaccines through developmental research.”
Regarding research on cancer diseases and their medicines, he confirms: “We already have investments in manufacturing in this field, and we are working on new plans to establish an independent factory to serve as a unit specialized in cancer diseases in Saudi Arabia. It is expected to be ready at the end of the year 2025 so that we can begin production. “It is certain that our partnerships with major Japanese manufacturer have facilitated these goals for us, and they play an important role in the implementation stage. We have already signed a number of agreements to develop medicines with global European, Japanese, and American partners, with the aim of transferring manufacturing technology, whether in our factories inside or outside the Kingdom.”
Additionally , Dr.Mohamed Khalil CEO SAJA PHARMACEUTICALS confirmed: “Today we celebrate the expansion of SAJA across the Middle East region, with the opening of its branch in the Gulf region, which will constitute a qualitative leap in Saudi-Emirati cooperation in the field of manufacturing and therapeutic security, which will explain the security of stock.” A strategy for medicines for communicable diseases and others, which helps us reach all patients and provide needs and medicines at the level of the Arab world, as our goal is to enhance everyone’s access to health education programs and medicines while ensuring our ability at the same time to cover more diverse therapeutic areas.”
Khalil stressed that the UAE is considered one of the strongest Gulf markets in the field of health care, given the vision of its wise leadership aimed at providing the best aspects of health care to its citizens and residents, providing all services to them and its keenness to develop the health sector in the country.
He added: “SAJA aims, through a long-term vision, to enhance health awareness, facilitate access to medicine to all those who need it, ensure that society is introduced to various therapeutic fields, improve skills, raise awareness of major health problems, and provide care services with enhanced levels of quality, in line with the national vision of the UAE.”
As a pioneering country in implementing a health system based on the highest international standards, developing its preventive systems to preserve the health of the individual and society, and providing comprehensive and distinguished health services in a sustainable healthy environment, the UAE is considered one of the fastest growing Gulf markets in the field of health care based on the leadership’s keenness to provide The best aspects of health care for its citizens and residents on its land, providing all services to them and its keenness to develop the health sector in the country. It is clear that the company’s sales have increased over the past years until the total sales in the Gulf region reached 224 million Saudi riyals by the end of the year 2023, and the total manufactured units exceed 4 million units in the year heralds future success for the company’s branch in the UAE.

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