RTA wins ‘Big Project ME Award’

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Dubai / WAM

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) won the Big Project ME Award in the “Sustainable Government Department of the Year” category, presented by the CPI Media Group for distinguished performance in the field of sustainability and construction.
The award was collected by Nasir BuShehab, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance and Head of Energy and Green Economy Committee, along with Amair Saleem, Director of Safety, Risk Regulation and Planning, in a ceremony held by the organisers in Dubai.
“It reflects the RTA’s efforts in adopting top global practices in conserving the environment and sustaining energy in all construction and infrastructure projects in Dubai. RTA’s efforts are reflected in a host of projects undertaken in this field, and an impressive array of energy sustainability awards had been won by the organisation. The Big Project ME Award is a quality addition to this record as it is presented by a leading, high-profile entity in the region,” said BuShehab who was happy with the RTA’s achievement given the huge competition involved.
“Over three years, the RTA has completed 45 projects and initiatives related to energy and green economy, and established the Green Economy Section under the direct supervision of RTA’s Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning Department to act as a reference for documenting all green projects and initiatives across the RTA. It has also adopted a plan for lessening power consumption in all construction projects and matters related to the infrastructure of the emirate,” he added.
“Since its inception, the RTA has been making relentless efforts to conserve energy and natural resources, and has played a pioneering role in introducing an energy management system across all projects and operations. In 2013, RTA’s efforts were rewarded as it obtained the ISO 50001 certification as the first government entity to attain this accreditation in the region,” BuShehab noted.
“RTA has charted out a comprehensive structure for Green Economy, making it the first government entity to accomplish this project in the region, which emulates the RTA’s strategic drive to promote this global concept. It has also developed specialist strategies for energy and green economy aligned with relevant local, federal and global strategies,” he added.

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