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Robots: Next big thing to smarten airports

Humanoid Robot 'Pepper' is unveiled at the 'World of Me: Store of the near future installation' in London, Britain, April 13, 2016. The robot is the first humanoid robot capable of recognising the principal human emotions and adapting his behaviour accordingly. REUTERS/Hannah McKay



After beacons and self-automated kiosks, robotics is the next innovative kid on the block that is all set to bombard the world of smart airports in the coming months. Aviation experts maintain that an investment of upto $5 billion is expected to be made in the sector of aviation robotics in next three years.
“Most of the airports are already using smart applications and have an array of self-service options. But now we are looking forward to have something really game-changing in the form of intelligent steel machines navigating through the corridors of busy airports and imparting help to harried passengers,” said Nicolas Rhodes, an artificial intelligence scientist working with a Norway-based robotics firm.
“We have trials going on at airports in Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan and very soon robotics will become a common proposition at airports globally. So far results are quite encouraging and interestingly travellers are showing keen interest in exploring robots.

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