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Revolutionary e-commerce services

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Our Correspondent/ Emirates Business

Fetchr is a technology solution that makes shipping as delightful as shopping. It helps local merchants and global brands build, launch and grow profitable
e-commerce and online businesses.
“Consumers use their phones to shop for just about everything. With our app, you can now use your phone to ship anything, anywhere. We aim to change the way people send and receive packages. Fetchr is committed to innovation, and the core of Fetchr’s offering will remain the same —
offering superior customer experience using the latest technology to deliver packages straight to the
customer’s phone. The value proposition remains intact,” said Fetchr’s CEO and founder, Idriss Al Rifai.
UAE-based Fetchr’s app gives both community and businesses the ability to send or receive anything, anywhere, using just your phone’s GPS co-ordinates, entirely doing away with elaborate directions and
complicated address systems.
The company also solves the problem of no physical addresses in emerging markets, and eliminates the need for annoying phone calls asking for directions.
It offers an easy-to-use proprietary shipping and logistics solution — the Fetchr app, which uses your phone as a GPS location. With Fetchr app, it can locate your exact location, deliver packages to you faster and more efficiently. It gives its customers a great experience, and allows them to
increase their market share.
Rifai is an entrepreneur, who is passionate about disrupting the Middle East retail market with technology and customer-centric services that enable the growth of e-commerce in the region.
Fetchr was co-founded by Joy Ajlouny, who is a serial entrepreneur, whose first start-up in Silicon Valley, BONFAIRE was acquired by Moda Operandi.
She has a wealth of expertise in e-commerce, retail and fashion. While only 2.7 percent of venture capital funds have been raised by women, Joy has successfully raised funds for two companies from some of the most prestigious silicon valley venture capital firms which is an extraordinary achievement for a female
Fetchr is a first of its kind app for the Middle East region, and also the first silicon valley funded app to be launched in MENA. Fetchr has successfully raised US$11 million in
Series A funding, led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of the largest venture capital firms in the world. The milestone represents the first ever US-based VC investment in the Middle East for a Series A round.
“Last mile delivery is one of the greatest reasons why e-commerce has not reached its full potential in the Middle East. Our mission is to empower delivery through technology and we are thrilled that NEA shares our vision for overcoming the major logistical challenges that exist for deliveries in emerging markets, as well as ushering in a new era for shipping and ecommerce.” said Fetchr’s
co-founder Joy Ajlouny.
Fetchr’s proprietary technology
offers businesses an intuitive solution for hassle-free deliveries in a region where address systems can be difficult to navigate. It uses a patented technology to schedule deliveries using mobile phone GPS coordinates. It also enables peer to peer
Customers wanting to send a
package simply can use their phone to snap a picture of the item and choose a pickup time of their convenience. A driver is dispatched at the scheduled time to the phone’s location, and can be tracked in real time.
On the recipient’s side, customers are notified via the app that they have a delivery. They choose a delivery time, and the package is brought right to their GPS location. Once the package is safely delivered, the sender
receives a notification.
Currently, Fetchr is available in UAE, KSA, Bahrain and is launching in Egypt soon. Fetchr’s goal is to launch operations in Jordan and other GCC countries by the end of 2016.

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