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Preplan for a budget holiday

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Planning any holidays to Europe, Asia, or South America this summer? Booking a hotel now could save you 20 percent off the room rate.
That’s according to the latest number crunching in a report from TripAdvisor, which breaks down the best time to book hotels in popular destinations around the world this summer.
For its report, TripAdvisor analyzed hotel booking and interest in nine popular regions around the world for the months of June through to August.
The best time to book was defined as periods when prices dipped below average for the destination.
While hotel fares in the US remain consistent regardless of lead times, travelers headed to Europe are advised to book three to five months out for the chance to save 23 percent during peak summer periods.
The same can be said for Asia, with the best time to book set at three months in advance.
Booking within four months can help travelers headed to South America and the Middle East save 20 to 24 percent.
And travel to Africa and the South Pacific requires the most lead time if travelers want to save on their hotel: Five months out for savings of 20 percent.
In addition to regions, the report also offers a handy list of best times to book hotels by city.
One of the standouts? Moscow, where travelers could save 55 percent off their room rate if they book four to seven months out.
Likewise, a bit of pre-planning could help travelers headed to Dubai and Jakarta save 40 percent if they book two months in advance.

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