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Pioneering in e-discovery, digital forensics

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Founded in 1987, AccessData Group Inc has pioneered digital forensics and litigation support for more than twenty years. The company’s first product, WP Pass, was a rudimentary decryption application that could crack WordPerfect file passwords that were forgotten.
Since that time, AccessData has grown its proprietary ability to look at the 1’s and
0’s of digital data, in all forms (static, dynamic and network), to solve a variety of business problems.
In late 2005, investors funded AccessData to expand in digital forensics, with incident response, analytics, forensic and e-discovery products and services. In 2008, the company secured the services and technology behind Mobile Forensics Inc, a small but aggressive startup focusing on mobile forensics, including all forms of smart phones and devices. In 2010, AccessData acquired Summation from Wolter’s Kluwer and revitalized that product into a premier litigation support and legal platform. It is also part of AccessData’s end to end e-discovery solution, AD eDiscovery.
Today, the company has re-emerged in the marketplace stronger and offers solutions that address all forms of digital investigations, serving a variety of markets with digital investigations needs. Law enforcement and government agencies rely on AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit (FTK), computer forensics product, as well as AccessData’s decryption technology to perform criminal and internal investigations. In the Middle East, the firm has an office in Dubai from where it works with clients across India, MEA. In addition to having a direct presence, AccessData works very closely with Credence Security, its value added distributor for the region.
AccessData has an exciting milestone coming up in 2017: the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary, a tremendous achievement in this business. It continues to grow year over year and has never been in a stronger position to accelerate that growth in markets worldwide. From an industry perspective, the company is looking to find new ways to be a true partner to the e-Discovery and Forensics industries. From a product perspective, it has refocused on some core objectives —such as a vision for true end-to-end product integration —and has created a stronger product roadmap that is driven by customer feedback.
This will allow the company to come
to market with steady product releases,
to improve the performance of its products, to better communicate with users
regarding product functionality and to
improve the technical support it provides to customers.
The company has grown to provide both stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions that can synergistically work together to enable both criminal and civil E-Discovery of any kind, including digital investigations, computer forensics, legal review, compliance, auditing and information assurance. More than 130,000 customers in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world rely on AccessData software solutions, and its premier digital investigations products and services. The Group is also a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification, with its much sought after AccessData Certified Examiner® (ACE®)
and Mobile Phone Examiner Certification AME programs.
AccessData provides enterprises with incident response, forensic analysis and digital investigations to deal with Fraud, Employee misconduct, misuse of company intellectual property, etc.
It also offers Bootcamp trainings and certifications for solutions as well as on forensics /investigations in general so that customer can maximize the return on investment in its solutions.
In parallel with closing out many of
the new business opportunities, the
company is currently focusing on creating opportunities with large corporates and enterprises in the Banking & Financial sectors. It will also continue to build on partnerships with government and law enforcement organizations and continue to support them with its best-in-class solutions.
In terms of regions, in addition to the UAE which is a key market, the firm looks to grow presence in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

Access Data - Philip Cherian - Regional Sales Manager


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