PI hosts Japanese delegates in UAE

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The External Relations and Collaborations Department at the Petroleum Institute (PI) recently hosted a group of twenty Japanese delegates on the institute’s premises to assess the achievements, challenges and way forward for 2016 with PI’s Japanese counterparts.
Dr. Thomas Hochstettler, Petroleum Institute’s President, and Ebrahim Al Hajri, Director of External Relations and Collaborations, welcomed the delegation.
Dr. Thomas Hochstettler said, “This meeting will help further maintain and nurture the relationship with our Japanese partners. Through these meetings and discussions, we aim to provide our students with a rich and rewarding global educational experience. Our objective is to offer our students access to leading institutions of higher education and an international experience which is critical in order to prosper in the 21st century workplace. The Petroleum Institute’s particular purpose is to create and disseminate knowledge in service to the regional oil and gas industry while providing a solid basis for lifelong learning for our students.”
The meeting at PI was followed by a steering board meeting at Masdar Institute and attended by Dr. Behajt AlYousuf, MIST Provost, and representatives from PI, UAE, KUSTAR and HCT.
The steering board discussed ways to move forward on a number of programmes of interest such as student exchange, faculty exchange and collaborative research.

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