Petroleum Institute reviews cooperation with US Embassy team

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Abu Dhabi / WAM

The Petroleum Institute and a delegation from the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi have reviewed means of collaboration between the Embassy and the Ebtikar PI Senior Design Showcase and Competition, which is scheduled for April.
Dr. Murray Ross Gray, Senior Vice President Academic and Provost, Dr. Ahmed Shoaibi, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Ebrahim Al Hajri, Director of External Relations and Collaboration, met visiting dignitaries and discussed further collaboration between the US Embassy and the Petroleum Institute.
Presenting to over 165 students and faculty at the ADMA Auditorium, guest speaker Claudia A. Page, Economic Associate at the US Embassy, spoke about creating a culture of innovation, describing how female and African-American innovators and achievers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, STEM, had overcome preconceptions to become leaders in their fields.
As part of Mrs. Page’s presentation, she demonstrated the versatility of a 3D printer, a rapidly developing technology that is impacting a wide variety of fields.
Dr. Al Shoaibi said, “Here at the Petroleum Institute, we are continuously looking to collaborate with foreign embassies, as they are essential to the success of our global activities, providing
educational opportunities and
global awareness to our student population.”
“The global awareness and international collaboration that results from extracurricular activities, such as hosting guest speakers, creates better adjusted individuals and more rounded engineers. Speakers such as Mrs. Page inspire students to become enthusiastic and motivated learners,” added Dr. Al Shoaibi.
The Petroleum Institute offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to its students. The university forges partnerships with outstanding academic, cultural, and diplomatic institutions across the globe to expand the student experience. Discussing global issues and engaging with the local and international community motivates and empowers students and faculty alike.
The embassy’s delegation included Cultural Affairs Officer, Mohini Madgavkar, and Information Resource Officer, Elizabeth Stromme.

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