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Opera’s low-power mode to save 50% battery

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Opera claims its new power-saving mode can extend battery life by up to 50 percent compared to Chrome.
Opera has released a number of improvement to its web browser in the last couple of months. It added an ad blocker to its latest release in May, and added a virtual private network to its developer version in April. Now, the developer version has a ‘low-power mode’. The browser prompts users to activate low-power mode when battery capacity gets down to 20 percent. The company did not reveal when the low-power mode might make it into the official release.
Here’s how Opera says it has managed save on battery power:
Reduced activity in background
Fewer instructions sent to ‘wake’ the processor
Unused plug-ins paused automatically
Reduced frame rate to 30 frames per second for animations and refreshes
Tuned video playback
Optimised browser themes

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