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Offering sound investment opportunities

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Our Correspondent / EMIRATES BUSINESS

Vendome International Property (VIP) is one of the most successful international real estate consultancy companies based in the Middle East that was founded by a French developer Laurent Bailet, back in 2010.
The company is solely owned by the parent company, LB Creations, with head office in France. VIP has a strong background of successfully marketing international real estate projects to the local clientele. The company has a specialised team with extensive expertise of both the markets of Middle East and Europe.
The strength of the organisation lies in building a strong relationship with partners, clients and having a long term view.
General Manager of Vendome International Property, Marie Mahmouch, said, “Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in property sales by about 50 percent from GCC investors. We are glad to participate once again at this year’s International Property Show as it is the perfect platform that helps us develop our strong position in the real estate
According to Marie Mahmouch, the market continuously evolves due to a lot of factors. UAE nationals are wiser as they continue to invest in real estate to save the rental expenditure and grow their property portfolio while they send their children to various universities in Europe. Due to a weaker Euro value against Dirhams, locals and expats are also considering this time as a good opportunity to invest in outbound properties. Moreover, big airline companies provide support to travelers to boost local economy by having direct flights to major European cities giving locals and expats to spend times with their families and scout for nice properties abroad.
Vendome International Property reported that in 2015 the company has handed over 220 apartments and villas sold in 2013/2014.
About 150 properties are still under construction, 250 properties are expected to be completed by 2017 — for those who have bought in 2014/2015.
Furthermore, the company announced their upcoming projects in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Sultanate of Oman to give their clients, most especially GCC residents, good options to optimise their investments. VIP takes care of the clients property during their absence and can make sure that it stays in top condition.
Vendome International Property, previously known as A La Francaise Real Estate Brokerage under the umbrella of Groupe LB, is a family owned international property Consultancy Company in Europe. Headquartered in France, the company provides expertise in overseas real estate for 35 years. It has offices in Dubai, Kuwait and plans to expand in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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