Nepal asks India to supply 15k tonnes of LPG

Kathmandu / DPA

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has written to the Indian government requesting a supply of another 15,000 tonnes of cooking gas for next month as the country continues to suffer from a crippling shortage even one and a half months after the end of the embargo.
Cooking gas shipments from Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) are expected to reach 25,000 tonnes this month (mid-March to mid-April). Before the blockade, NOC was receiving 29,000 tonnes monthly. It said that 21,000 tonnes of fuel entered the country during the period mid-February to mid-March.
NOC Spokesperson Mukunda Ghimire said the corporation on Tuesday requested the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Nepal Embassy in New Delhi to ensure supplies of 40,000 tonnes of cooking gas next month (mid-April to mid-May). If we get more cooking gas, the ongoing shortage will end,”
added Ghimire.
, speaking at an open forum organised by Youth Association of Nepal, a sister organisation of the ruling CPN-UML. He said that the request had been made to the Indian government as Nepal needed additional supplies. NOC blamed the scarcity of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) on the prolonged shortage during the trade embargo that lasted four and a half months. It said that Nepal received only 4,000 tonnes and 6,000 tonnes of cooking gas respectively during the first two months of the blockade.

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