Musanada delivers AED11bn devp projects


Throughout last year, Abu Dhabi General Services Company “Musanada” delivered 23 development projects with a total cost of approximately AED11.2 billion throughout Abu Dhabi across various sectors including housing, education, buildings, infrastructure, roads, healthcare, etc.
“Being determined to serve the community honestly and transparently, Musanada is executing and managing scores of projects according to highest international standards and specifications,” stated Saif Al Hameli Musanada’s Acting CEO, pointing out that the company focuses on “providing integrated project management services including design and construction and facility management services, based on a well devised strategic plan that consolidates and synthesizes engineering expertise and capabilities, achieving an overall harmony and enhanced team spirit.”
“Abu Dhabi government has established integrated plans to develop the emirate and to enhance government system and performance, and has approved development plans based on a forward- vision seeking to achieve sustainable development of the region’s resources and economy by aligning and coordinating the efforts in the emirate, translating visions into effective strategic decisions and innovative and ambitious plans that support the comprehensive development process in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,” added Eng. Al Marar.
“Musanada is mindful to play a pivotal role in maintaining a high level of compliance with HSE criteria within the region,” concluded Eng. Al Marar. “The Company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction is a key factor that will help Musanada tackle current and future challenges and provide highest services in line with best international specifications, while ensuring to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve production and operational processes in pursuit of highest levels of efficiency.”

AED1.7 billion Housing Projects Delivered
Musanada is currently handling a set of housing projects in Abu Dhabi. In 2015, Musanada successfully delivered three Major housing projects for a total cost of AED1.7 billion, including the Emirati Housing Project Phase I and II in Abu Dhabi city and Bida Al Mutawa Housing project in the western region.
Coordinating with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Musanada delivered Emirati Housing Phase I and II project on an area of 72 acres. The project included 703 residential units, the size of each house varying between 338 to 405 square meters.
AED1.4bn Savings from Value Engineering and Projects
Enhanced Efficiency
In the infrastructure sector, Musanada completed the infrastructure works of vital projects throughout Abu Dhabi during 2015, such as South Shamkha Infrastructure Development project, with a total cost over AED7 billion, Neima area project with a total cost of approximately AED206 million, and the levelling works at Al Manayef city with a total cost of AED292 million, and the Improvement of Water Quality project at Reem and Marya islands with a total cost of AED46 million.

AED729 million Value of Education Sector Projects
In the education sector, Musanada has managed to deliver on the engagement of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) to design, construct and rehabilitate several schools, with a total cost of approximately AED729 million, including seven educational projects ranging between the design, construction, renovation, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing facilities.

Environment-Friendly Buildings and Facilities
Eng. Saeed Al Mehairbi reassured that Musanada was keen to construct and deliver its buildings and facilities projects according to high quality standards in line with best international specifications.
During 2015, seven projects were delivered in the buildings sector with a total cost of AED173 million, representing several service facilities, in addition to construction of prefabricated accommodation units in the western region for the Emirates Nuclear Corporation for a total cost of AED26 million.

Sheikh Ahmed Mosque
In addition to the previously mentioned projects, Musanada has added one of its landmarks by constructing and delivering Sheikh Ahmed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque in Zakher, Al Ain. The mosque is one of the new architectural landmarks of Al Ain city, built on an area of 3,248 square meters. Construction work commenced in 2013 and was completed on March 15, 2015.

Al Ain Ladies Club
At the sports facilities level, and also as part of the buildings sector, all works related to Al Ain Ladies Club were completed in the first quarter of 2015 in coordination with Abu Dhabi Sports Council, representing a milestone in the process of empowering, strengthening and activating the social and sport presence of UAE women.

Vital Projects Delivered in Cooperation with SEHA
In the healthcare projects sector, Musanada delivered, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA”, several projects in Abu Dhabi during 2015. It completed the works in Ghayathi Hospitals in the western region of Abu Dhabi, designed in accordance with latest international standards. Extending over a total area of 147 thousand square meters, the AED448mn hospital project has a total built up area of 41 thousand square meters.

Coop with HealtHcare Sectors and Institutions
Musanada also helped to increase the capacity of Al Noor Center for Rehabilitation of Special Needs by delivering an AED20 million project to expand and improve the Center’s performance, as the Center kicked off with only 8 students, whereas it hosts today approximately 300 students with various physical and mental disabilities from all nationalities.
Musanada also completed Al Mushrif Healthcare Center, which was opened as part of the efforts to enhance the provision of high quality medical services and the provision of a distinguished healthcare services to the residents of Abu Dhabi. The value of construction of the Center extending on an overall area of 6,400 square meters was approximately AED54 million.

AED455Mn Vital Roads and Pedestrian Bridges in 2015
In the road projects sector, implementing its strategy to promote traffic safety and raise road network efficiency in line with economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Musanada opened parts of Al Falah Interchange.
This approximately AED111 million project aimed to improve traffic flow for road users coming from Al Shawamekh to Abu Dhabi through an interchange without having to turn around Al Falah area.
Musanada opened 8 pedestrian bridges in various locations of Abu Dhabi for a total cost of AED75 million to provide pedestrian passages that ensure public safety. These bridges were expanded and equipped with electrical lifts and lighting to ensure they are used by different age groups in a secure way that facilitates movement on feet from one area to another.
This dualling project of Madinat Zayed – Ghayathi road aims to develop the infrastructure ,road and transportation network in the western region of Abu Dhabi. This project keeps pace with the progress witnessed by Abu Dhabi across all social, economic and cultural aspects. The opening of this AED268 million project coincides with the delivery of recently completed several modern and advanced road projects as well as a number of projects to be opened in the future.

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