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Mobile-optimised workplace drives productivity

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

As digitalisation triggers a boom in almost all sectors in the economy, a recent study in the UAE — as part of global survey ‘Mobility, Performance and Engagement’ — stated that the rise in employee engagement can upgrade performance at the workplace with assistance from mobile strategy.
According to the survey, access to the mobile-optimised work environment can benefit the employees’ productivity, creativity as well as the ability to work anywhere anytime.
Ammar Enaya, Regional Director, HPE Aruba, Middle East and Turkey, said, “There has been a steady growth in the usage of mobile technology in the UAE over the years, following which the companies and employees understand the significance of the mobile-first approach and its benefit towards the business.”
He added, “However, it can further increase the growth in the region by demonstrating the mobile technology to a CEO that their company can gain additional increase in the employees productivity,” said
The study was sponsored by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), evaluated six in ten (60%) employees said mobile technology makes them more productive, while over five in ten (50%) acknowledge it causes their creativity to rise. It also shows that most employees now have access to mobile devices, like laptops and smartphones, in the workplace.
It also elaborates on the companies rated by employees as ‘pioneers’ in how they support mobile technology. It had been witnessed that there is an increase in the productivity, creativity, satisfaction, and loyalty, of the employees as compared to the company which were poorly rated at supporting mobile technology.
Enaya further compared the previous studies, stated, “In the previous studies it has been recognized that the rise in digitalisation does contribute on employee engagement, establishing the business outcome has been a missing link – this report quantifies it.”
It also suggested that the mobile optimization equips the employees to work anytime or anywhere which further helps in enhancing the productivity, it has been recorded that 43% of respondents saying it has the greatest impact on their productivity. Additionally, 38% of respondents identify this as having the greatest impact on how satisfied they are with their employer.
“The main challenges faced by the corporates are to meet the demand of the employees and to further remote working with team collaboration. The rise in mobile collaboration tools presents new ways for businesses to keep teams together and working effectively, even if they are physically apart. What’s clear is that companies in UAE who are able to do this are in a better place to attract, and retain, the best employees.”

Mobile-optimised workplace drives productivity copy

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