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Microsoft prepping Paint for 3D overhaul

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Microsoft appears to have a spectacular revamp in store for its legendary Paint drawing program, a Windows staple since 1985, with new functions for creating and animating 3D images. The news comes from videos leaked on social media.
A minor revolution could be brewing in the world of Windows, as leaked videos suggest that the upcoming version of MS Paint for Windows 10 will get a serious overhaul, bringing new features including 3D imaging tools. As well as an entirely refreshed interface, in line with Windows 10, Microsoft appears to be making Paint into a simple and intuitive application for transforming 2D doodles into 3D images by means of a simple rotation tool. The program will evidently be compatible with touch screens, as well as Microsoft’s Surface Pen, which works with all Surface tablets and the Surface Book laptop.
Microsoft could take things even further, making Paint compatible with its HoloLens augmented reality glasses. This would echo Google’s Tilt Brush application, which can already be used to create original 3D works with the HTV Vive headset.
This new version of Paint is likely to be officially unveiled at Microsoft’s October 26 event, where a slew of new devices are also expected.
Paint is a basic drawing and image creation program which is very limited in its current form, having fallen into relative obsolescence for some time. However, in recent years, Microsoft has been offering Fresh Paint as a downloadable alternative. This slightly more advanced application has functions such as transforming photos into paintings.

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