Mama Fu’s dishes out Pan-Asian cuisine to Emirates



Mama Fu’s Asian House, the USA-based restaurant concept specialising in fresh and innovative Asian cuisine, launches its first international location in the UAE this November.
Mama Fu’s promises a new gastronomic experience offering an inventive menu inspired by the cuisines of Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand.
The brand is all set to launch a new branch in Dubai Festival City, after garnering success in Dalma Mall (Abu Dhabi) and Dubai Marina. The restaurant is operated by leading Food and Beverage group, GGICO Gourmet Investment L.L.C., and marks the brand’s first international
franchise outside the United States of America.
Sharing his views on the Food and Beverage industry, Hassan Oweida, COO of GGICO Gourmet told Emirates Business, “Food and Beverage industry in the GCC, especially Dubai and UAE as a whole, is expected to have a steady growth. Major factor driving demand is the growing population, affluence and rising tourist inflow within the GCC.”
He added, “The tourist arrival is even expected to go up, especially with the coming Expo 2020, which will add up to the demand for food and dining out trend in the market. This has also encouraged a lot of start-ups in the Food and Beverage sector, introducing new trends, that have either become a short-time fad or found a niche market turning it into a lifestyle.”
Mama Fu’s bold take on dishes from the Pan-Asia region has garnered the restaurant group a strong and loyal clientele menu favourites, which include Thai dynamite shrimp appetisers; spicy seoul stir fry rice dish, tom kha noodle bowls and Vietnamese vermicelli salads. Junior diners are well catered to with a special kids’ selection that includes appealingly named offerings such as dragon tails, while those with a sweet tooth will enjoy digging into a range of desserts that
include Mama’s Roll.
He furthered added regarding the USA-based company’s venture in the UAE, “Amidst the tough competition, franchising is considered one of the largest growing food business. With a favorable demographic profile, high tourist density and culture of dining out, Middle East has become a hot-bed for new entry brands seeking to expand their business footprint in the International market.”
Mama Fu’s provides a modern and contemporary atmosphere staffed by friendly and professional staff. Its open kitchen is visible from the dining area so guests can watch the skilled chefs at work. For those wishing to order a take-out, the rapid wok cooking time of six minutes means no delay.
Hassan Oweida, elaborated on the unique qualities of the restaurant that adds to its entreaty, “Mama Fu’s has uniquely positioned itself as a Pan-Asian cuisine, gathering up the best dishes of China, Japan, Korea, Thai and Vietnam all in one place. Consumers usually have to choose between these different Asian cuisines, but with Mama Fu’s they can enjoy all the bold and flavorful Asian dishes they love.”
“Since the core of the brand is ‘Food’, we make sure that we always provide fresh, healthy and customised cuisine that is personalised to meet the nourishment requirement and lifestyle of our customers. Our menu offering is so personalized that you can enjoy anything on the menu just the way you want it — whether you want it spicy, vegetarian or gluten-free,” he added.
Talking about the impact of the Expo 2020 on the Food and Beverage industry, Oweida concluded by saying, “Expo 2020 will definitely have a huge impact in the Food and Beverage industry, as Dubai is expected to cater to more than 20million visitors across the globe. This opens an opportunity for more diversity, further increasing the already steady growth of Food and Beverage sector. The influx of more people will influence the demand for more places to eat and even attract foreign investors to grow their business in the Emirate. Competition will continuously grow in the already overcrowded market, but this will also be a good driver to encourage higher standard, innovative ideas, excellent food and superb service.”

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